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The highest quality tools and hardware available -- all at huge discounts. If you are ever dissatisfied with merchandise, simply return it for a full refund.

This site's difference is wider and deeper than pictures on a web site or a promise in a press release. It's the love for living a more creative life through getting your hands dirty. Built in cooperation with their vendor-partner AcmeHardware, we never promise you the World. But Our vendor partner will use their knowledge to help you select the best quality tools and hardware for projects.

Mission Statement

Our vendor partner will do everything they can to support you with consistent good service. They'll always carry the highest quality tools and hardware available. And as our vendor partner continues to grow, they'll always treat you with the personal respect you deserve. They're not about having the lowest prices in the country, or getting your attention with shock tactics or flash. They're about consistently giving you the highest quality tools and hardware and service available. Period. Our vendor partner constantly strives to provide better service. If you like what our vendor partner has to offer, then our vendor partner asks you to continue to shop with them. Only you really know what you are looking for in a supplier.

Yesterday's Values and Today's Technology

Our site brings you the latest cutting edge technology and design combined with the old-school philosophy of cutting costs wherever possible. Unlike the big online retailers, our vendor partner looks to save at every possible juncture (without sacrificing quality to the customer). But cutting costs does not mean that our vendor partner sacrifices quality.

Why our vendor partner Does It (Member Benefits)

Our vendor partner's goal and primary purpose is to provide superior service and merchandise to all customers. If you are ever dissatisfied with the service or merchandise, or have suggestions for improving their site, please contact our partner after the sale.

The truth is that our partner gives you more. More service.

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