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Looking for ... musical instruments, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, amps, bass, electric bass, synths, workstations, digital pianos, portable keyboards, arrangers, groove stations, sound modules, midi, drums, percussion, acoustic drums, electric drums, orchestra percussion, drum sticks, dj gear, or lighting?

You've stopped at the right place! We have carefully selected the best products (at the best prices) from InstrumentPro, Zzounds and Musician's Friend. These are the Internet's top music-supply merchants.
We offer nearly 65,000 items!

Our vendor partners are all well-established music-supply distributors -- both online and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

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Our partners provides high-quality musical instruments at the LOWEST prices! In fact, they guarantee that they'll have the lowest price. If you see any advertised price for lower than theirs, let them know and they'll go even lower.
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Here at Basic Composer Resources, our goal is to help you find the highest quality musical instruments (such as guitars, drums, keyboards, bass), recording engineer equipment, recording software, DJ, Concert Lighting and other Live gear. We also offer a comprehensive sheet music collection. We hand-select each vendor. Although this research is time consuming, it is the only way we know to filter vendors that offer quality products -- products that are also reasonably priced and backed by superb customer support.

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Recommended Books

The Art of Solo Fingerpicking: How to Play Alternating-Bass Fingerstyle Guitar Solos (book and CD)
by Mark Hanson

How to play alternating-bass fingerstyle guitar solos. Package includes 90-minute instructional tape, 14 solos, and measure-by-measure instruction. Teaches many styles. top of page

The Drummer's Bible: How to Play Every Drum Style from Afro-Cuban to Zydeco
by Mick Berry
"ACID JAZZ draws on many musical styles-Frank (mainly 1970s Funk), Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Jazz-and it has no standard beat(s)..." top of page

Modern Drummer, May 2004
"[Q]uite an undertaking, researched and written with care." top of page

This guide to popular drum styles offers approximately 400 musical examples in standard drum notation showing grooves and practical variations, and provides overviews of the history and development of almost all popular music styles. Among the many styles and subsidiary styles covered are blues, rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, klezmer, zydeco, funk, bossa nova, polka, Dixieland, surf, and disco. While this resource and two-CD set can serve as a simple encyclopedia for those who need to know how to play a particular style, suggestions on varying the beat patterns for those who want to explore further and create their own patterns are also included. In addition, the two CDs contain performances of the musical examples in the book, which is designed with a lay-flat binding for easy use.

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Superb selection of Brand Names: Fender, Mackie, Schecter, American DJ, EV, Yamaha, Behringer, ESP, Chauvet, Ibanez, Roland, Peavey, BC Rich, Pearl, Boss, Korg, Shure, Martin, Tama, Edirol, Taylor, Line6, Casio.

Drum Set Warm-Ups: Essential Exercises for Improving Technique
by Rod Morgenstein
"A high level of accuracy can be achieved by focusing on one limb at a time..."

Step away from the practice pad! Legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein reveals his innovative warm-up method designed to limber up your entire body. Features exercises to develop and improve your speed, power, control, coordination, independence, accuracy, endurance and agility. With this book, you'll gain a greater facility and command of the drum set, along with an increased feeling of confidence. "The definitive text for improving technical facility on the drum set." - Ron Spagnardi Editor/Publisher, Modern Drummer
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